Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

June 27, 2022 2022-09-05 10:44


Do you have questions about our websites or our services? Check out the most frequently asked questions about everything related to websites and Frocq below. Is your question not listed here? Send us an email: and we will answer within 1 hour during office hours.


You will receive the first version within 24 hours. We can deliver your website including feedback rounds within 72 hours. One round of feedback per day.

Frocq builds websites for small and medium-sized businesses. Looking for a good website that can do everything, not expensive and easy to edit? Then you’ve come to the right place at Frocq! Directly on the go.

At Frocq you are not stuck with a difficult contract. You are free to do whatever you want with your website.

Want to get started right away? Good choice. If you’ve done some comparing left and right, you know this yourself by now. How to proceed? Start the application.

Within 24 hours you will receive the first version, from that moment on there will be 2 feedback rounds where you can make changes. You can easily purchase additional feedback rounds from your dashboard.

Basically, you can submit images and text documents through the portal. When a large amount of images must be sent or when the total in MB is considerably larger, it is convenient to use WeTransfer.


We offer several packages: 1 page, 2-5 pages or 6-10 pages. Do you want more pages after that? Then you can easily add this yourself using the instructions. You can also purchase additional pages from your dashboard at any time and we will pick it up for you.

All websites delivered by Frocq are responsive. This means that the website is always shown optimized on desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Yes, we can also handle a custom design. You can provide this during your project application.

Yes, you can. Multilingualism is an additional option and will have to be purchased with credits. Look in your dashboard for these costs and add this option:

Yes, it’s all yours

We can also help you if you already have a website. If you want a completely new one you can make your request here: Do you just want to revamp the website? You can do so here:


All webshops delivered by Frocq are responsive. This means that the website is always shown optimized on desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

A web shop is more work than creating a normal website. We start at 550 euros and this is our standard rate. For this you get a fully functioning webshop, with everything you would expect from a webshop. (nice website, products, payment options, shipments etc…) If you want more features on your webshop, you can add them from your account.

Yes, we build you webshop in wordpress with woocommerce. This is very easy to adjust yourself. You will then receive login information and a good explanation of how you can manage this yourself. Adding products is not that difficult. As long as the basics are in place and the categories are settled, the rest is simplicity itself. Can’t figure it out yourself? Then you can contact us from your dashboard. You can also purchase anything additional that applies to you and we will take care of it.

Yes, we will build the base for you and from there you can purchase additional plug ins or options in your dashboard that we can add for you:

Yes, we often recommend an account with Mollie, because Mollie makes it possible to receive transactions with all possible payment methods and charges a small fee for this and because of this you are not stuck with a subscription fee. Should you have a subscription through a bank, of course that’s no problem either.

Within 72 hours we can publish the website.

Frocq built a very simple submission tool into the request funnel. With this, the information will be sufficient to get started.

Product categories are the main way to group products with similar properties. You can also add subcategories if you wish. For example, if you sell clothing, you may have “t-shirts,” “shoes,” and “pants” as categories.


Frocq can develop a professional logo for you that suits you, your company and your target audience.

Of course we can make adjustments for you in text, news or images. In your dashboard you can add every possible change on your website/webshop.

In your dashboard, you can very easily add everything you want to have adjusted. Think about changes on the website (text, photo or layout), adding pages, adding plug-in, products, shop function or a complete new theme.

Any plug-in we can build into your website. You can specify it during the application or you can add it later through your dashboard.

With our system, your site remains optimized for Google’s requirements by default. Know that this will take some time for your site to penetrate Google the first time.

Yes, Our website packages come with a number of ‘standard’ features. In addition, we can also customize your functionality as an extension. See in your dashboard what the options are.

Website renovation

Within 24 hours. We will notify you via email. Then you can provide feedback in your dashboard.

This will be a consulting report that focuses on layout, images, text, template and overall design.

We would like to help our customers and provide this opportunity to improve their website.


CMS is a system with which you arrange all your texts, images, videos et cetera (content).

What kind of Content Management System does Frocq use?

You get access to your WordPress CMS system that allows you to maintain and quickly edit your site yourself. We will provide you with explanations to easily customize it yourself. Not coming out of it? Then you can indicate from your dashboard what you want to have adjusted and we will get to work for you.

We do build the vast majority of websites in WordPress. If you have a preference for another CMS we can help you with that too.


If you already have enough to invest or are a little tight, we allow you to pay in 2 or 3 installments. Without interest rates or other bullshit, just the same amount, but spread out.

You will receive this via email immediately after paying.

From 295 and from 795? Link to pages

Support, security and helpdesk

In your dashboard, you can add anything that needs to be modified. There is also a chat function there that you can use to get in touch with us. Would you like to email us? You can go to

The content management system WordPress is secure and reliable. The CMS meets the latest security requirements and runs on an encrypted SSL connection. In addition, we provide the CMS with regular updates so that the chances of hacking are minimized.

If you have a question and the answer is not found in the FAQ, you can email at

Hosting and domain

Your website needs a place to “live”; a computer on which the software runs. This is called a hosting server. This server makes sure that those who want to visit your website are sent to the right place, and that the website works. No hosting, no website.

A domain name is the unique name you purchase for your website. It is the name by which your website is known on the Internet. The domain name is converted by a domain name server into a series of numbers that identify the computer where your website resides. Without a domain name, someone who wants to visit your website would have to type these numbers into the browser.

You can check and register a domain name at, among others:

No, but if you purchase a website from Frocq we will take over the hosting. This switching service is free, so you don’t pay anything extra.

No problem, we can move your domain for you or you can leave it somewhere else. If you do want to move it, you need to request an authorization code from your hosting provider so we can initiate the move for you.

An authorization code, also known as a move code, token or EPP code, is a unique code used to confirm the legitimacy of a domain move. This is a security measure that prevents a domain name from being moved by anyone other than the owner. The code will be provided to the domain owner upon request by the hosting provider where the domain name is currently housed. With this code, the holder, or the new owner in the case of a sale, submits a request for relocation to another provider (registrar). An authorization code is unique per domain name and can only be used once: a new transfer also requires a new code.